Türchen 21 (von Erdogan)


Change Your Word – Change Your World

Except some specific people on earth nobody is happy about our world, about the environment, climate change, the economic situation, wars etc.

Most of us want to change the world for a better future. But also most of us don’t think about that we are the reason of our unhappiness, each of us is responsible that our world looks like this.

Because we like to make our lives easy. We go out on the streets to protest, we share some critics on social media about politics, companies, the climate etc. That’s it. We did what we have to do.
We can’t change the world, to try to do this is like self indulgence. If we want to have a better life, a better world, then we have to begin with changing ourselves. That is the hardest way to change our world for a better future. Everything begins and ends with ourselves.

When I die, the world dies with me. Each of us is a world. Let’s take the hardest way to change. Ourselves!

The life is like a boomerang, negative calls negative, positive calls positive.
So for a better future:
Change Your Word – Change Your World

In this sense Merry Xmas and Happy New Year for all!


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