Türchen 9 (von Ben)

Carpe diem, seize the day. Everyone has known it for a while but it has taken me some time to catch up. Even at 23, I’ve felt recent years going too fast and blending together – until this year. Spending time in Peru, a world away and well outside my comfort zone was maybe the most memorable two weeks of my life and I’m already itching for more. Something about immersing yourself in another culture, far from home luxuries made me and my problems seem small. Even just 6 months later I feel ready to take the next step and see another side of the planet. I want to traverse the deserts of America, navigate the cities in the Far East and and walk through the African plains. (But not before another visit to Wien).

For a while I’ve added and added to my bucket list with it growing steadily larger over the years but now I’m feeling ready to start ticking things off. I’ve come to the conclusion that my twenties might not be best spent working the 9-5 grind and that I should be creating the experiences and memories that I want.

So live in the moment and be spontaneous because, and dare I say it, you only live once.

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