Türchen 12 (von Erdoğan)


Once upon a time there lived an old lady in a poor village with her 16 years old grandson. The grandson helped her with the daily chores. She owned a very beautiful horse, the horse was so beautiful that the king want to buy it. But the old lady refused his generous offer. Afterwards the neighbors came and told her that she made a wrong decision “ what a pity, you could have a great live with this money”. And the lady answered “Why do you think that it was a bad decision? Nobody knows yet that it was a bad or good decision. The fact is that the king wanted to buy my horse and I didn’t sell it.” The neighbors shook their head and left.

A while later her horse escaped and the neighbors came again and repeated same scene. “Look you didn’t sell and your horse run away, what a bad luck!” The lady answered again “How you can say it’s a bad luck, nobody knows if is a bad or good luck. The fact is that my horse is escaped. The neighbors shook their heads and left.”

A few weeks later her horse came back with ten other horses. And the neighbors came again and said “what a good luck, your horse came back! ” The lady answered “ Again you judge things. The fact is that my horse came back if it’s good or bad luck nobody knows “

While the grandson was training the new wild horses he fell and broke his leg. And the neighbors came again “ what for bad luck, he was your only help now you have to do everything alone.” The lady answered again. “Still you’re judging, the fact is that my grandson fell and broke his leg. If is a bad or good luck nobody knows.”

A few days later a war started and the kings army came to take all the boys from the village. Only the grandson was allowed to stay because of his broken leg. And the neighbors came again crying. “ What a good luck all our sons are gone but your grandson is safe.” The old lady answered. “ Oh my dear neighbors, you’re again judging, it’s like you read only the first page of a book and you judge over the whole book.”

The sense of the story: we all are like a page from a huge book. We all have our own story, actually everything has their own story. Our world around us, the animals, plants and the universe etc.

Especially now that our world is under dramatic and gigantic changes we shouldn’t judge whether they are good or bad. We should read the book until the end..

I wish you all a lot of patience, calm and good health.

Merry Christmas

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