Türchen 17 (von Alba)

Definition of Love

What is love?
Love is a very special and meaningful feeling for each of us . Without this proper idea of love, people would be acting like blind persons searching for the light with thousand of obstacles in front of them.

Love can hurt in the long run, and people can also be blinded by it. Many people put up walls to guard their “heart” from being hurt again. Love teaches us many lessons. We use those lessons in our future relationships. We don’t want to make the same mistakes.
This kind of love I’m describing is the one that makes you feel the butterflies in the stomach . Just seeing that particular person can be enough to make one smile and make your day and all the worries go away. It’s neither a crush nor infatuation and many are willing to do anything for this thing that is called love.
It’s a wonderful feeling when you know that you are loved and even a more wonderful feeling when you are in love.

Love and passion is the burning sensation that drives us to lead our lives into new horizons: following the heart , hoping it will guide the way.

I hope and wish this new year will bring true love in everyone’s life !

P.S. dedicated to my Love D ❤️

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